DIY Project #1!

…well, that’s a fib – I’ve done quite a few DIY projects over the year, but this is the first project I will be blogging about!

For this project, you’ll need:
– skirt, any length
– elastic
– thread
– about 30 minutes! 

I bought this 80’s/90’s pleated and frumpy skirt a few years ago at Value Village knowing that I loved the material and would, one day, find a moment to revamp it to fit my style. I had ambitiously cut it to a more up-to-date length, then left the project for one reason or another leaving this skirt with a raw edge. I stumbled upon it when going through some of my sewing items last week and decided it was high time to give it the fresh look it (and I) had been waiting for!

Though I don’t have an actual ‘before’ shot taken at its full length, here’s what it started of as when I revisited it this week. Just try to imagine what it looked like as an ankle-length skirt; something a bit like this.

Step #1: Cut the skirt to an inch longer than desired length. Turn the hem up an inch and sew all the way around the bottom leaving only a small gap.

Step #2: Measure a desired length of elastic to comfortably fit around your thighs. Put a safety pin on one end of the elastic and use it to help you string the elastic into the gap and through the hem. Make sure you pin the opposite end to the outside of the gap so you don’t lose it within the hem.

Step 3: Sew the ends of the elastic together and sew the small gap closed.

Step #4: Practise your gracious acceptance speech, because you’re going to be getting a lot of compliments!!

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