DIY Project – Mission: ECMA Pop Star

My husband, Todd, is a member of the indie pop band English Words. Over the months leading up to their ‘big reveal’ at the East Coast Music Awards 2011, the band was working extremely hard: writing new songs, reinventing their sound and creating new imagery for their live shows. Part of this visual atomic bomb was their wardrobe.

Now, I may be a little (okay, a lot) biased, but Todd’s already a fairly stylish guy, so when he asked for some help in the wardrobe department, I figured it was going to be easy as pie. But as it turned out, he didn’t just want me to be a stylist. He wanted a stylist/designer/seamstress.

Lucky for him I was up for the challenge!

Inspired primarily by a few images we found online of the Balmain Spring 2011 line, here are the simple embellishments that transformed these basic items he already had in his closet into rock star-worthy garments!

DIY Project – Simply Embellished Dress Pants

What you’ll need:
– pants
– ribbon
– thread & needle

Step #1: Cut the ribbon two-to-three inches longer than length of pant leg. If the ribbon you’re using is prone to fraying and unravelling, use the flame from a lighter or a match to carefully melt the raw ends of the ribbon.

Step #2: Pin the ribbon to the pants as straight as possible along the side seam. Turn the extra inch-long ends of the ribbon under the bottom hem of the pant and at the waist line. In this case, I decided to end the ribbon stripe just below the belt loops.

Step #3: Stitch the ribbon to the pant as close to the edges as possible to give a clean finish. Et voila!

Photo by Aimee Power.

Other garments to be posted soon!! These include another pair of embellished pants, and two easy ways to update a dress jacket.

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