How to get prepped for your Prom

Have a month to prep for prom? Or maybe just a week? Or only hours??

Getting ready for prom is a big deal!┬áSo to help you out, I’ve decided to put together a to-do list to make things a little easier on you.

Makeup by Savannah Belsher-MacLean; Photo by Katelyn Fraser Photo


– Haven’t got your dress yet? Visit vintage shops and thrift stores to find something fun, affordable, and different from everyone else’s.

Book your makeup and hair appointments. Depending on where you live/how big your school is, it is probably a good idea to do this about two-three months before prom…but if it’s already one month away, book it now to avoid being disappointed! Remember that these appointments often run behind on busy days, so make sure you allow for ample time between point A, point B, and everywhere in between.

– Choose your shoes and break ’em in! Trust me, you do not want to be worrying about blisters on prom night when you and your friends are all dress up and ready to boogie.

– Find some fun and pretty accessories to go with your dress. Don’t forget any possible hair accessories, too!

Makeup by Savannah Belsher-MacLean; Photo by Katelyn Fraser Photo


– Communication is key, but visuals are much easier under pressure. Do some Google searches online of makeup looks and hair styles that you’re drawn to, and print off your favourites to take with you to your appointments, or email them to your makeup artist and hair stylist.

– Confirm all reservations and appointments. Have your dress? Shoes? Accessories? Date? Prom tickets? Dinner reservations? Transportation? Make sure you and your date are on the same page for meeting time and location, etc.

– WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERYDAY and DO NOT GET BURNED. You do not want to be the red lobster girl in all the photos. You don’t want to be the flakey snakey, either.

– Order a boutonniere for your date. And maybe gently remind him to order you a corsage…

– Try on your dress to be sure it still fits. If it’s a little tight or big, do not stress. Remember: it fit only a month ago, so a week of healthy eating should do the trick.

Makeup by Savannah Belsher-MacLean; Photo by Kimberly Rashed Photography


– Hair removal (shaving or waxing) should be removed a few days in advance to avoid red bumps, skin irritations, and (for facial waxing) allow for a smoother surface .

Makeup by Savannah Belsher-MacLean; Photo by Kimberly Rashed Photography


– Drink lots of water for the next three days to give your skin an extra healthy glow.

– Make sure you know where you’re going…GoogleMaps is your friend when it comes to arriving to your hair and makeup appointments on time. Print off the directions if need-be.

Makeup by Savannah Belsher-MacLean; Photo by Kimberly Rashed Photography


– Any tweezing that needs to be done can be done today.

– If your dress has gotten wrinkled in the closet, have it steamed at the dry cleaners.

Makeup by Savannah Belsher-MacLean; Photo by Kimberly Rashed Photography


– Get a manicure and/or pedicure, if you like. Since nail polish can take hours to dry and smudged is not such a great look, you’ll want to take your time with it. *Tip: bring your own nail lacquer with you so you can touch up any little nicks in the polish tomorrow.

– Wash your hair. Styling second-day-hair is much easier for your hair stylist, and it will work with the styling products to last longer into the evening.

– Recharge your cell phone and camera batteries. You don’t want to miss one photo op tomorrow!

– Recharge YOU. Go to bed early – they call it beauty sleep for a reason!

Makeup by Savannah Belsher-MacLean; Photo by Kimberly Rashed Photography


– Stay away from smelly foods or anything greasy or carbonated that might leave you bloated and feeling yucky. But make sure to eat something good! Fruit, veggies, and a little bit of protein (chicken, eggs, nut butter, etc.) are great options to keep you dancing all night long. And don’t forget to drink lots of water to stay hydrated!

– So, you feel like you’ve just got to wash your hair? Then ignore my second-day-hair tip – use shampoo but don’t use any conditioner as it may cause your style to go limp before you’ve even hit the dance floor. Whatever you do, make sure you arrive to your hair appointment with dry hair! Remember to bring those photos of the hair styles you like to the appointment.

– Wash and moisturize your face. If you’re getting your makeup professionally done, your makeup artist will love you for not having a trace of makeup on before your appointment. Don’t forget to bring your makeup looks that you printed off!

– Moisturize your whole body with special care to your driest areas: elbows, knees, and feet.

– Touch up any nicks in your nail polish.

– Relax! This is a fun day, right? Don’t get upset or become argumentative in preparation for the prom. Breathe, take it easy, and enjoy every minute of it.

Makeup by Savannah Belsher-MacLean


– Last-minute touch-ups of lip colour.

– Prepare your own emergency kit. Blotting papers, lipstick, mints, Q-tips, powder, and concealer are good things to consider packing. Make sure you pack your camera and cell phone!

– Double check with your parents about your curfew and post-prom plans. If you are going to be staying at a friend’s house, you’ll need to pack an overnight bag. If you’re the hostess, make sure you’ve got lots of snacks, extra pillows, and blankets.

– …on your mark. Ready, Set, PROM!

Makeup by Savannah Belsher-MacLean; Photo by Kimberly Rashed Photography

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