Girl, Get Your Glow On!

Style Becomes Her is a creative fashion blog hosted by my friend Kimberly Rashed. She is a fashion stylist, photographer, and previously a model, and she has loads of tips and style ideas to share!

My blog post this afternoon is a follow-up to her post from this morning.

Being safe from the sun’s harmful rays is ideal, but sometimes, being pasty white (like me)? Not so ideal…

Using products that give a nice all-over body glow, like NeoStrata Insta-Tan and Quo Bling It On (like Kimberly mentioned here), is a healthy option when aiming for that sun-kissed glow. I also really like Jergen’s Natural Glow. It’s not messy, it’s easy to apply, and it builds a tan with more applications.

But who wants a ghostly face and a tanned body? Not me. And, chances are, you don’t want that either.

There are many options for the face: tinted moisturizers; bronzing powders; bronzing lotions; and airbrushing. And each has its own benefits and downfalls.

Tinted moisturizers replace the need for foundation, and often they’ll have and SPF in them as well. The obvious upside of a tinted moisturizer is that it cuts out several makeup steps from your daily routine. The downside is that it may not give you the complete coverage you need if your dealing with any unwanted blemishes. My favourite is Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 because there are so many shades to choose from and customize your look with.

Most cosmetics brands have some sort of bronzing powder. My favourite for summer 2012 is MAC Hey Sailor! Mineral Bronzing Powder. It’s got the perfect range of ‘natural’ hues, and can be both subtle or make an impact with the colour depending on your preference. Bronzing powders may be the easiest way to get a summer glow on your face, but still should be blended to avoid any harsh makeup lines.

Bronzing lotions and airbrushing can give great coverage, and both get more wear than the previous two options as they absorb into the skin and will last a few days. For this reason, being meticulous about their application is a good idea. If you’re up for the challenge, my suggestions are Lancome Flash Bronzer Oil-Free Tinted Self-Tanning Face Lotion, and TEMPTU’s AIRpod Face Tan.

Once you’re all bronzed up and in your white-on-white ensemble, add a bit of mascara and a bright coral or peach lipgloss then you’re ready to hit the patio cafés for a mojito!


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