Happy Holidays!

The holidays are finally here!! I’m really looking forward to taking time to be with family and friends, especially those that are visiting the Island for the season. I’m hoping that there will be a relaxing times amongst the chaotic schedule that my husband and I have running back and forth between his family gatherings and mine, and then there are the ones when both families are mushed together – so fun!

We’re also coordinating the 8th Annual Food & Warmth Show again this year, which is tomorrow night. Check out the info here.

While I’m running all over the countryside this holiday, I hope you enjoy time with your loved ones. Stay safe and cozy, and get in touch via email (info@promua.com) if you want to ring in the New Year with beautiful makeup by myself and fellow artist, Mélissa Hotte.

Warmest Wishes this holiday season!

~Savannah Belsher-MacLean, ProMUA, PEI, Canada~

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