Makeup Artist – Testimonial

Holland College SOPA – Age for Stage

Many actors are cast to play different ages: a woman cast to play a young girl in the Vagina Monologues, or a man in his 20’s cast to play an older man. Whatever the character, makeup, hair, and wardrobe are what will be the icing on the cake of a great and convincing performance.

I’m not gonna lie, creating wrinkles, jowls, dark circles, and sagging skin is kind of a thrill for me…I don’t get to make people look older very often! But, since aging makeup for theatre works by darkening the lines you might already have on your face, it can be a bit of a shocking and somewhat depressing effect when you realize it’s what’s to come in 50-60 years! I think these guys were feeling a little old and rundown by the time their makeup was finished…

2013 Music PEI Awards Gala – Hair & Makeup Artist PEI

I had the pleasure of doing makeup and hair for the two trophy presenters of 2013 Music PEI Awards Gala show on Saturday night. Allison and Becca, of Panache Models, were beautiful to start with, so I was able to have fun and get creative!

Check out the full post about our preparation for the show here at Style Becomes Her.

Photos by Kimberly Rashed Photography.

Allison got long, traditional pin-curls to add some romance to her sultry makeup look.

Becca’s loose, side-swept up-do was a great match for her soft and sparkling eye makeup. (LOVE Lise Watier!) 

Models, Allison and Becca from Panache PEI Models

Wardrobe: Style Becomes Her

Dresses from Dows Fashions

Jewellery from Stella & Dot


Holland College SOPA Theatre Makeup Classes

As a freelance makeup artist, I get to tackle a variety of tasks. No two days are ever the same! So when I was asked to teach the Stage Makeup program for the Holland College School of Performing Arts students, I welcomed the opportunity to try out my hand as a teacher for a professional group.

Since I only had 5 sessions with the group and a lot of material to cover, the classes had to be well-organized. And I was thrilled to have an assistant there to help me out – makeup artist, Mélissa Hotte.

Once we got through the basics of theatre makeup, and took a ‘road trip’ to purchase necessary products for their kits, it was time to start practising (and playing!) with makeup techniques. Our character class was so much fun! Each student chose a character or look they wanted to create, and here are the results.




Top 3 Reasons why being a brand rep is not for me…

Since I received my certification in makeup artistry in 2003, I’ve considered all of the options in where my skills could take me. I could work in a salon or spa, be a crew member for news broadcasts, television shows, or movies, represent a brand at trade shows and cosmetics events, pretty up models for runway shows in places like Milan and Paris…or do all of the above as a freelance makeup artist. The final option is the one I’ve gone with up to this point, and it’s been an enriching career thus far!

Throughout my 9+ years as a makeup artist, I’ve been asked to consider becoming a ‘consultant’ for makeup and skin care brands like Mary Kay, Arbonne, Aloette, etc., and I’ve done just that – consider it. After consideration, I repeatedly come to the same conclusions – regardless of the brand or cosmetics company. Here’s the breakdown.

Why I am not a consultant for a makeup brand:

1. I’m not really a sales-y type of person. I’ve worked in sales for over a decade, and I’ve unfortunately developed some cynicism that I hope will someday fade away into the abyss. Currently, I enjoy customer service, tourism, and working with people, however I am pretty much over the ‘thrill’ of sales.

2. I love being able to test and play with new products! One of the main reasons I became a makeup artist, is because of the actual Artistry and creativity that goes into the work. In this case, I would think that I’d feel much less of an ‘artist’ and much more stifled if I felt I had to exclusively promote a single line of cosmetics.

3. My goal is to be hired for my makeup skill – not my product. I take pride in using products that come from a wide range of price points. Particularly when I’m teaching a private or group makeup lesson, I want my clients to be able to purchase what I recommend, not feel that they have to break the bank to get the look they want. Of course, I’m all for a splurge for that perfect Chanel lipstick, but I’m not expecting everyone to dish out big dollars on product. *I also don’t want people to feel nervous coming to my studio with the worry that I might ‘try to sell them something’.

All of these reasons are not intended to offend anyone who enjoys their position with one of these companies – I definitely understand the positive points of being a consultant. The beauty industry is super fun to be involved in, and I wouldn’t want to do anything else! But please, before you ask a freelance makeup artist to join your company, consider the reasons why he or she may not want to become part of it. And if they graciously decline your offer, you can be assured that the decision has not been made lightly and was 100% thought-out.

Confessions of a Goo Hoarder…

Last week I began teaching the theatre makeup classes at Holland College School of Performing Arts. My students there are awesome (!!), and as we were wrapping up our “Stage Makeup Kit Essentials” list, I emphasized that I didn’t want them to go out and spend a billion dollars on products they wouldn’t use, and I mentioned the term “Goo Hoarding”. Then I had to go into explaining what “Goo Hoarding” is…

Watch this Jenna Marbles video for the complete definition and description of Goo Hoarding symptoms (attention: NSFW, swearing, jokes that cause loud laughter, etc):

The Cliff’s Notes description of “Goo Hoarding” is a habit of carrying several different lip glosses in one’s purse (because one has silver glitter, one has gold shimmer, and the others are clear, nude-tone, flesh-tone pink, matte pink, soft pink, brighter pink, fuchsia, coral, etc.).

Once my students understood the condition of Goo Hoarding, then came the dreaded question…”So, are you a Goo Hoarder??”

As I assured them that I was sensible about what I carried in my purse day-to-day, I am certain my denial could be read all over my face. That evening, I made it my mission to go home and sort through my handbag…this is what I discovered in my ‘makeup pouch’ section of my purse.

To be fair, I AM a makeup artist, right?? *Sigh* You will be happy to know that I now carry ONE lip balm, ONE pink gloss, ONE red lipstick, and ONE nude-tone lipstick along with my mini mascara…this will keep me covered in times of makeup crises while out and about.

Thanks to my students at SOPA for the wake-up call!

C’est la vie? C’est LEVEE!

Last weekend, I was invited to attend the 2013 Lebanese Levee with super-fashionista Kimberly Rashed of Style Becomes Her. We got all prepped for the evening together, enjoyed some wine, and took some shots in her photography studio before we left, and she made a blog post out of it! I think we look quite smashing, don’t you?

Check out her post HERE.

Photo by Kimberly Rashed Photography.

Valentine’s Day Makeup

It’s the time of year when we either share a bottle of champagne with our sweetie, or have a date with Jack Daniels and our other single girlfriends. And whether we’re watching romance movies or playing out a scene in one, we deserve to look our absolute hottest!

Photo by Kimberly Rashed Photography

Get your sexy on…

This Valentine’s Day, surprise your sweetie with some beautifully sensual photos of the one they Love the most…YOU. 

I’m working with two talented photographers, two different styles of portrait photography.

What’s your style?: glamorous portraits that make you look like a supermodel, or a sexy little secret for you and your beau?

Melinda of Sunstone Creations is offering the following Valentine’s Day boudoir package for THIS WEEKEND, so book yours today!:


Kimberly Rashed Photography is going in the Couture Beauty direction this Valentine’s Day with glamorous photos that you will hang on your walls for all to see. Contact Kimberly for special VDay package rates!

Makeup by Savannah Belsher-MacLean

I want YOU to shine in the spotlight!

Do you have a makeup look or hair style that you’re super proud of? Whether it’s fresh-faced daytime or evening glamour, simple ponytail or tousled curls – I want to see it!

I will be sorting through submissions, and plan to post one picture each week here on my blog and in my new monthly newsletter.

To submit, send a photo (.jpg file preferred) to, along with your name, age, and mailing address, and tell me a little bit about your look. Is it a special occasion? Or your everyday chic?

BONUS: If your photo is chosen, you may soon discover a pretty surprise in your mailbox!