Hiring a Professional Makeup Artist…

Why hire a professional makeup artist for your event, corporate campaign, business headshots, film or photography shoot, advertisement and promotional materials?

Let’s put it this way: If there are cameras (either photography or video), you want to have a trusted makeup artist on your prep team.

A professional makeup artist is trained to understand how your makeup will look through a camera lens and, ultimately, in your photo or video. A makeup artist will know what colours will complement your skin, and she will also adapt to your unique style and personality.

Savannah Belsher-MacLean has substantial experience working with numerous photographers and videographers, and will make you look your best through the eye of the camera.

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“I have worked with Savannah several times now, and I think she is great!! She is very easy to work with, an her makeup is BEAUTIFUL!!” – Katelyn Fraser, photographer


Video courtesy of Fox Henderson.
Photo by Jeff Cooke Photography.