DIY Project – Super Simple/Affordable Winter Coat Update

So, I’ve been searching for a new winter coat and have seen SO MANY beautiful options (check out this Art of Shopping video featuring Kimberly and I, and some of the gorgeous coats found at the Confederation Court Mall), but as a new car owner, I needed winter tires…so $600 went towards the tires, and I *very* reluctantly putting my dreams of a new coat aside for another season – and added it to my Christmas Wish List! – then I begrudgingly dug out last year’s coat from storage.

It’s ‘nice’. It’s ‘okay’. It’s BORING.

Since I absolutely could not live through the dull and dreary weather with a boring old coat, I had to come up with a stylish and cost-effective way to update my look.

Here’s the sad ‘before’ version…

Take note: there’s a button missing! This got me thinking…if I am going button shopping, I’m going to buy amazing buttons. Really beautiful buttons! And since the coat is already double-breasted, why not go for a brass, military-inspired look!

A visit to the Fabricville button section was an order! An easy $20 and my new coat is looking pretty awesome…

Here is the much happier result of being rebuttoned:

Please let me know what you’re doing to update your wintery look this year! Are you investing in a fantastic new coat like the ones in the Art of Shopping video? Perhaps a beautiful scarf or boots? Please – do tell!! I’d love to hear from you!

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