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Preparing Skin for the Harsh Winter Months

GUEST POST by Gwen Lewis When winter arrives, you need to brace your skin against the cold and dry air so that it can remain luminous and healthy. Here are some important skincare tips you should follow so you don’t put gorgeous skin on ice!  Bring Back the Moisture The contrast between cold air outside […]

Guest Post! – What Oils Can Help Improve Your Skin?

Our skin goes through so much wear during a normal day from the sun, natural elements and our daily stress; however, not every person’s skin will react in the same way to these factors. Some may experience excess oil build­up, while others will have very dry skin. Since these effects are usually a result of […]

Confessions of a Goo Hoarder…

Last week I began teaching the theatre makeup classes at Holland College School of Performing Arts. My students there are awesome (!!), and as we were wrapping up our “Stage Makeup Kit Essentials” list, I emphasized that I didn’t want them to go out and spend a billion dollars on products they wouldn’t use, and […]

Christmas Party Makeup

I’m heading to a Christmas party tonight, and wanted to share the guest-post I did for Panache PEI Magazine. Not sure which of these holiday makeup looks I’ll wear tonight, but taking a peek at these definitely helps to get inspired and creative! Voila!

Upcoming guest blog post!

Just finished writing a blog post for the Panache PEI Magazine blog! Make sure you check it out tomorrow!

Girl, Get Your Glow On!

Style Becomes Her is a creative fashion blog hosted by my friend Kimberly Rashed. She is a fashion stylist, photographer, and previously a model, and she has loads of tips and style ideas to share! My blog post this afternoon is a follow-up to her post from this morning. Being safe from the sun’s harmful […]

Makeup Inspired by Flowers – June


Don’t forget to use protection…From the sun, I mean!!

We all love soaking up the sun! And while the warmth of the sun’s rays feel fantastic, the harmful UV action that’s absorbing into our skin is just that – harmful – and can cause countless health risks including hormone-distruption and skin cancer, amongst other issues. We all know this by now – let’s make […]

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How to get prepped for your Prom

Have a month to prep for prom? Or maybe just a week? Or only hours?? Getting ready for prom is a big deal! So to help you out, I’ve decided to put together a to-do list to make things a little easier on you. ONE MONTH BEFORE PROM: – Haven’t got your dress yet? Visit vintage […]