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Happy Holidays!

The holidays are finally here!! I’m really looking forward to taking time to be with family and friends, especially those that are visiting the Island for the season. I’m hoping that there will be a relaxing times amongst the chaotic schedule that my husband and I have running back and forth between his family gatherings […]

Insta sneak peek!

Hooked to Instagram? Me too! And I’d love to share my behind the scenes, video tutorial sneak peeks, product hauls, and daily shenanigans with you – as it happens! Follow me on Instagram, username: SavannahPEI

Don’t forget to use protection…From the sun, I mean!!

We all love soaking up the sun! And while the warmth of the sun’s rays feel fantastic, the harmful UV action that’s absorbing into our skin is just that – harmful – and can cause countless health risks including hormone-distruption and skin cancer, amongst other issues. We all know this by now – let’s make […]

Emma Stone’s Golden Globe 2012 Makeup Look

Inspiration: What I used (in the order used): Face– moisturizer– primer– foundation– foundation brush– concealer– loose powder– large powder brush– soft pink blushes (2 complementary shades)– fluffy blush brush– fluffy tapered brush (for highlighter) Eyes– clean spool brush– matte brown shadow– angled liner brush- navy eye shadow– small, soft pencil brush– burgundy eye shadow– small […]

What’s in your products?

Make 2012 a healthier year by researching and making giving the boot to some skin care and cosmetics products that might not be so good for you. Use the Cosmetics Database as a tool for research on what is in your products. While some of your favourites may be too pretty to get rid of, […]

Happy New Year!

Ok so as I posted before, here’s my inspiration for tonight’s makeup look: Here’s my before…bare faced. (Yikes!) First, apply primer, foundation, and concealer: Then fill in and brush out brows, add a soft red-tone blush, add eye shadow primer on the apples of the eyes, use loose pigment powder in gold on the apples […]

MakeupProPEI – New Year’s Eve Makeup

Glitz and glamour are the best words to describe the look that we all aim for on New Year’s Eve. We want to ring in a shiny new year with sparkly dresses, gleaming hair, and dazzling makeup! One of my top makeup looks for this New Year’s Eve is the vampy femme fatale as modelled […]

Season’s Greetings!

Give the gift of beauty!

Just one more week until Christmas!! Still looking for the perfect gift? Give the gift of BEAUTY this holiday, and send your loved one into the new year with a Private Makeup Lesson with Savannah Belsher-MacLean, Makeup Artist, or why not give a Set-of-5 Applications for 2012? Think about it: every lady needs pampering and […]

Just a few of the glamourous options for this holiday season!!! What to Wear to Your Christmas Party

Just a few of the glamourous options for this holiday season!!! What to Wear to Your Christmas Party (by confedcourtmall)