Monthly Archives: May 2012

Don’t forget to use protection…From the sun, I mean!!

We all love soaking up the sun! And while the warmth of the sun’s rays feel fantastic, the harmful UV action that’s absorbing into our skin is just that – harmful – and can cause countless health risks including hormone-distruption and skin cancer, amongst other issues. We all know this by now – let’s make […]

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How to get prepped for your Prom

Have a month to prep for prom? Or maybe just a week? Or only hours?? Getting ready for prom is a big deal!┬áSo to help you out, I’ve decided to put together a to-do list to make things a little easier on you. ONE MONTH BEFORE PROM: – Haven’t got your dress yet? Visit vintage […]

Makeover Monday

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with Louise Vessey of Light & Vision Photography on this beauty session with sisters Catherine and Mary-Carla. Both sisters are caring mothers with their own large careers, and hardly have enough time to get quality fun-time together let alone pamper themselves. As a makeup artist, […]