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DIY Project – Repurposed Lampshades

I meant to post this a few months ago when I created these lovely things, but I lost track of the summer months and, alas, my poor plants are sunburned and not quite as lovely as they once were…Regardless of their state and my lack of proper plant-loving skills, I’ll share this easy and oh-so […]

DIY Project – Mission: ECMA Pop Star

My husband, Todd, is a member of the indie pop band English Words. Over the months leading up to their ‘big reveal’ at the East Coast Music Awards 2011, the band was working extremely hard: writing new songs, reinventing their sound and creating new imagery for their live shows. Part of this visual atomic bomb was […]

New Sephora in Halifax opens TODAY!!

While, I’m always so excited and happy to be doing makeup for weddings…I’m very sad to miss the opening of the brand new Sephora at the Halifax Shopping Centre this morning!! This is your first time going to Sephora? Prepare to have your makeup and cosmetic life changed. It’s a very magical shop where you […]

Knowing when to say goodbye…

 Throwing out old makeup can sometimes be as difficult a task as saying goodbye to that beautiful pair of well-worn shoes that know every nook and cranny of your feet. But while we all know that expired makeup doesn’t perform as well as fresh, new cosmetics, a lot of us don’t realize that wearing expired makeup […]

Brides of 2011

My very first Chinese tea ceremony to do makeup for!! Lokki was such a gorgeous bride, and her family and friends were so welcoming and warm.I wish Lokki and Todd the most Love and happiness in the years to come!!  Makeup by Savannah Belsher-MacLean.

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