Guest Post! – What Oils Can Help Improve Your Skin?

Our skin goes through so much wear during a normal day from the sun, natural elements and our daily stress; however, not every person’s skin will react in the same way to these factors. Some may experience excess oil build­up, while others will have very dry skin. Since these effects are usually a result of the oil production that our skin creates naturally, it would only make sense to invest in oil skin care products.

Below, you will find a list of essential natural oils that may help to improve the condition of your skin:

Grapeseed Oil


Maybe it seems counterintuitive to use an oil skincare product on already ­oily skin, but it actually works to combat the buildup of oil. Grapeseed oil has vitamin C, which actually helps to brighten skin. It also regulates natural oil production, ensuring that your skin does not produce too much oil in the future.

Black Currant Oil

If you have damaged skin, you might feel helpless when you’re looking for the right beauty products. People who have skin damaged by excess sun, wind burns, eczema or laser treatment can use black currant oil to begin the repair. The anti­-inflammatory properties and fatty acids work to ensure that your skin begins to get back to its youthful appearance.

Vitamin E Oil

The antioxidants in vitamin E are usually used to assist the immune system, so, it’s no surprise that vitamin E oil can help protect your skin from future damage. The UV rays from the sun take away your skin’s natural vitamin E, so using this oil to replace it can keep your skin from further damage or inflammation.


Rose Hip Seed Oil

Blemishes to the skin usually come from scarring or sun damage. When your skin is discolored and in need of repair, self­consciousness can rule your life. Rose hip seed uses vitamin A and E to protect your skin and heal scars. You can mix it with your moisturizer for the best results.

Tea Tree Oil

Somebody with acne prone skin might not have the instinct to apply oil to the skin; however, tea tree oil is often used in acne treatment as it is known as a milder version of regular acne treatments and astringents. It’s gentler for skin that is sensitive to normal acne treatment.

Olive Oil

Olive oil isn’t just for salad dressing and cooking; it’s also used as a cure for dry skin throughout the world. In fact, Italian women have been known to bathe in the stuff. It moisturizes and fights aging better than products filled with synthetic ingredients.

Chamomile Oil

Chamomile is one of the most versatile natural products available. Chamomile tea is recommended to combat stress, while the same fragrance is used in soap and aromatherapy to soothe nerves. Chamomile oil is great for sensitive skin to calm redness and irritation.
Although chamomile can be effective in improving the condition of your skin, some individuals experience an allergic reaction to the herb. Be sure to speak with your doctor before using this as a skin treatment.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is the newest craze in beauty care. As an oil derived from Moroccan argan trees, the substance is used in skin, nail and hair products. The natural vitamin E, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids in argan oil has been known to smooth skin and fight aging.

We always want our skin to look its best, and sometimes, natural is the best way to go. Consider trying any of these oils and incorporate it in your daily skin care routine. You may very likely be surprised with the results!

– Gwen Lewis

Gwen Lewis is a writer and professional makeup artist who lives in Southern California. Her writing focuses on anything beauty and health. She hopes you really enjoy this article!

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